Boot Camps

These amazing boot camps are included with your membership

(Beginner for everyone)

Fit In 60

Let’s get you started the right way. The Fit in 60 program tunes you into working out with a series of body weight movements that help you build strength, tone and improve your flexibility.
(Intermediate for everyone)

Fit In 45

You’ve now built a solid foundation with the Fit in 60 program, and have advanced with confidence and control. The Fit in 45 program will add resistance to your routine that will further sculpt and tone, improve your balance and enhance all you’ve built in the Fit in 60 program.

(We recommend you complete the Fit in 60 program first)

(seniors only 55+)

Silver Years Stretch

The first of many silver years programs to come. This stretching routine is made to increase your flexibility and strength, making you feel like a whole new you.
(Women Only)

Booty Build 1.0

Ladies, this is what you all have been waiting for. This lower body blast will turn up the heat and tighten and strengthen your legs and booty. We’ll make those skinny jeans your new best friend.