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Group Classes


Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in an atmosphere that allows you to let go, reconnect with yourself and get your blood flowing. Our yoga classes will give you the headspace you need to achieve your goals.


Who says exercise has to be boring? Feel the vibrations as you dance, twist and groove your way into your best body.


Kids, teens and adults alike can benefit from this martial art, both physically and mentally. The TrainerGames Fitness Centre is the first facility to offer self-defence in a fitness environment, and we’ll teach you how to master the ground game, break falls and improve your fitness levels and discipline,


Prepare to be conditioned. With Kick Boxing, you’ll sweat and burn maximum calories in minimal time. As you learn an arsenal of drills and conditioning techniques, you will acquire new skills and the physique you’ve only dreamed of… until now.


Kangoo Jumps is a great way to spring into a workout that impacts your entire body. This fun and dynamic class will not only tone your body but increase your cardiovascular capacity, and did I say FUN already?


20 minutes cardio, 20 minutes strength, 20 minutes core / flexibility, this is an exciting option when you are looking to cover all the bases in one hour.

available in Orangeville


You will perform exercises designed to elongate and strengthen the body by emphasizing balance, alignment, core stability and strength. This process creates full body awareness which leads to improving overall posture and physical longevity.

available in Orangeville

Pure Pump

This is the perfect mix of upper and lower body exercises to strengthen and tone your whole body to build strong, lean muscle. Who doesn’t want that?

available in Orangeville