Group Classes


Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body in an atmosphere that allows you to let go, reconnect with yourself and get your blood flowing. Our yoga classes will give you the headspace you need to achieve your goals.


Who says exercise has to be boring? Feel the vibrations as you dance, twist and groove your way into your best body.

Box Fit

Prepare to be conditioned. With Box Fit, you’ll sweat and burn maximum calories in minimal time. As you learn an arsenal of drills and conditioning techniques, you will acquire new skills and the physique you’ve only dreamed of… until now.


Kids, teens and adults alike can benefit from this martial art, both physically and mentally. The TrainerGames Fitness Centre is the first facility to offer self-defence in a fitness environment, and we’ll teach you how to master the ground game, break falls and improve your fitness levels and discipline,

Fit Kids

There is no better way to introduce your child to a healthy, active lifestyle than with the Fit Kids program. Fit Kids will introduce strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina and hand-eye coordination to make sure they dominate in extracurricular activities and prepare for life’s challenges. More than that, it’ll be sure they’re good and tired before bedtime!


There is power in numbers while in a state of group meditation. Led by Reiki Master and Spiritual Medium Jen Abra, you will be guided through various meditations using music,
Meditation has POWERFUL benefits:
· A return to peace
· Time for yourself
· Managing anxiety
· Connected to your true self
· Higher vibe feelings and emotions
· Relaxation
· An increase in positivity


Kangoo Jumps is a great way to spring into a workout that impacts your entire body. This fun and dynamic class will not only tone your body but increase your cardiovascular capacity, and did I say FUN already?