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Personal Training

Private Pilates lessons

Private Pilates sessions are the ultimate way to master technique and make the most out of your pilates practice! With exercises programmed to your specific needs, practice when it best suits your schedule. Recovering from an injury? Our instructors are trained in clinical pilates, which focus on teaching biomechanics of movement. A strong core helps to improve posture, optimize joint stability, and correct muscular imbalances — and can help you alleviate your pain, regain motion, speed up your recovery, and help prevent re-injury.

Only Available in Orangeville


It’s time to get personal. With our specialized, targeted programs that follow the proven laws of periodization, you can not only achieve the results you’ve been chasing, but surpass what you thought was even possible. With a personal trainer to keep you on track, motivate you, and choose a program that’s right for you, you can achieve your results in a fraction of the time and feel supported along the way.


There is nothing more motivating than achieving your fitness goals with a best friend, family member or spouse, so our specialized Partner Training programs will allow you to take on the world together.


You’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together, so why not start now by getting fit together? With our Bride and Groom training, we’ll get those endorphins running and hearts beating to ensure that you both look extra magical on your special day.


A team that trains together achieves together. Speed, agility, endurance and strength drills – and most of all, solidarity – are at the core of champions. Our Sports Team Conditioning programs will enhance your team’s ability to play together, and reign together.